Benefits Of Propane In The Home

There is no doubt that energy runs the United States, and it is important that energy is produced in many ways. Energy can come from hydrocarbon, nuclear, wind, solar, and many other sources. It is important that energy be as clean as possible. With all of the different sources of energy in the United States, it is hard to decide what to use for your energy source. If you have not thought about using propane for your home's source of energy, you should consider propane. Here are just a few of the most important benefits of using propane. 

Cleaner Burning

Many people do not realize that 65% of the electricity in the United States is produced from hydrocarbons. Of the hydrocarbons used to produce gas, over 30% is coal, while the other part is natural gas. Coal is one of the dirtiest burning fossil fuels available and, therefore, is not eco-friendly. However, when you make the switch from electrical appliances to propane appliances, you can significantly reduce your emissions. Part of the reason that propane is so much cleaner than coal fueled electricity is that the carbon chain in propane is so much lower. If you care about the environment, then propane could be a very good solution for your energy needs.


If you have ever been in a area that has experience an electrical power outage, it can become scary very quickly. If you are connected to city electric and there is a power outage, you and your neighbors could be without power for a few hours, or even a few weeks. This is a scary time, but if your home is powered by propane, then you have nothing to worry about. You simply need to keep your propane tanks functioning. You can figure that one gallon of propane will give you 91,000 BTUs. 

Save Money

Perhaps the biggest reason that people change their energy source is that propane is so much cheaper. Heating your house using propane instead of electricity can save you a great deal of money each year on your energy bill. Many of the different appliances that you use in your home are much more efficient when they are propane powered. In fact, a propane water heater can be almost completely efficient. If you have not looked into the savings that you could enjoy from using propane, the fuel deserves a look. 

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