Gas Delivery Three Ways: What You Need, And How To Get It

Residential gas delivery service for most people is an automatic thing. They buy a house near or in a city, and they take it for granted that they have some sort of gas service. However, there is more than one way to get residential gas into your home, as you will see. 

City-Provided Natural Gas

Most cities have a few gas companies that provide natural gas delivery via gas lines that run throughout the city via the sewer lines. Some smaller cities have contracts with just a single natural gas provider, or they buy natural gas and have it pumped into homes using city gas lines. Either way, the natural gas residents receive is a common and expected service. If you buy a home in or near a city, and you would like natural gas service, you only have to connect with one of the providers for gas services in your area (or the city, if it provides all the gas through a single company). If the home you purchased does not have any hook-ups for natural gas, you can ask a gas company to install the hook-ups and start gas service. 

Propane Delivery

If you prefer, your home can run on propane. Propane is also a gas, but it is a compressed frozen gas. To get this type of gas, you have to have the right equipment in your home to convert the propane into energy for heat, appliances, and cooled air. Tanks of propane have to be delivered, and you have to set this delivery up with a propane delivery service. Deliveries occur at least once a week, although you can delay deliveries if you are out of town or you have not used your appliances, heating, air conditioning, and/or heated water much in the last week.

Natural Gas Reserve Tanks

Living in the country means you do not have access to the natural gas lines in the cities. As such, it is difficult for you to get gas for any gas-fueled appliances you may want in your home. In that case, you can install a large natural gas reserve tank on your property. Underground lines from the reserve tank to your home siphon off the gas when it is needed. Once or twice a month, a natural gas delivery service comes to your property and refills the reserve tank so that you can continue using natural gas.

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