4 Tips For Buying A New Gas Water Heater

Gas water heaters are usually less expensive to operate, so if you have an old gas heater now, replacing it with another gas model is a good idea rather than switching to electric. A gas water heater might cost more to buy, but since they last a long time, and operating costs are lower than electric, the heater costs less over the span of its lifetime. Here are four tips for buying a gas water heater.

1. Confirm The Size You Need

Check the label on your old water heater. It should have the capacity listed, which is the size in gallons. Consider if you always have enough hot water and if a larger size would be more appropriate. If you've had kids since you bought your old heater, you might find a larger water heater a better option. Note the capacity of your old heater and then buy a new one that holds more water.

2. Measure The Dimensions

If you're replacing your old water heater, you'll probably want the new one to fit in the same space. A new water heater of the same or larger capacity might be taller, so measure the space you have to make sure the new gas water heater will fit. If a new model is too tall, you might buy a lowboy tank that's shorter but wider so you get the capacity you want in a tank that doesn't need as much headroom. If you get a new heater with different dimensions, the plumber may need to change your gas connection too.

3. Compare Efficiency Ratings

When you're looking at gas water heaters, it's good to compare energy efficiency ratings. These are listed on the labels attached to the water heaters. These are generally Energy Star labels that let you know the efficiency rating and the expected operating cost of the heater. These values vary among gas heaters, and the more efficient the water heater, the more it costs. You have to balance the initial cost of the heater against the yearly operating cost to find a model that fits your budget.

4. Check The Features

Look for quality construction since these heaters last a long time. This includes things like a brass rather than a plastic drain spigot at the bottom, a tank with sufficient insulation built in, and a glass-lined tank that fights corrosion. You might also want a tank that has smart features, or you could add a smart device to the tank later. You can buy a budget gas water heater since that's all you really need to make hot water, but if your finances allow it, you may want the best quality you can afford. 

For more information about gas water heaters, contact a local company.