3 Reasons Why A Ground-Mounted Solar Panel Installation Is Ideal

Have you been thinking about investing in a solar panel installation? If so, you likely are aware that there are two installation locations, which are rooftop or ground-mounted solar panels. This can make it confusing when homeowners are initially planning their projects. First, it is important to note that most properties are suitable for solar panel installations. However, not all structures are compatible with rooftop solar panel installations. The following points will help you to understand more about why ground-mounted solar panels are ideal for many homeowners.

Comparable Energy Production to Rooftop Solar Panels

Do not make the mistake of thinking that ground-mounted panels will produce less energy. According to some, ground-mounted solar panels have the capacity to produce more energy. This is because they can be mounted anywhere on a property where there is adequate space for installation. For example, if there is an area on your property that gets a lot of sunlight but is not in close proximity to your home, you can elect to do a ground-mounted installation in that location. Rooftop installations involve determining the area of the roof that receives the most sunlight. This is usually the south side of homes. However, roof design and other factors might not make installation in that area compatible with a rooftop panel installation. Adequate land would make it sensible to consider a ground-mounted option under these circumstances. 

Easy Maintenance

Ground-mounted panels are easy to access if there is a need. Although professionals can safely access rooftops, individuals who desire to live off-the-grid or prefer taking care of home needs themselves will appreciate being able to perform light maintenance duties on the solar panels and battery packs. Ground installations are more accessible. 

Ideal when Roofing Obstacles Exist

Sometimes homeowners want access to solar energy, but there might be roof-related obstacles present. Some of these obstacles such as roof design cannot be altered. Other circumstances such as a roof that is intact but will need to be replaced in a few years pose an issue. If the solar panels are installed on a rooftop that is near the end of its lifespan, the solar panels will need to get removed and replaced when it is time for the new roof project. It would be easier to complete a gound-mounted solar panel installation provided there is adequate land to complete the installation.

A solar panel installation company is a good resource to use to learn more about installations. They can inspect your property to determine which location is ideal for your new solar installation. Some properties are a good fit for either type of installation, which gives those homeowners the ability to go by their own preferences.